Illustration d'une personne qui donne une présentation - afbeelding van iemand die een presentatie geeft

Awareness raising briefing

This is an awareness raising briefing session oriented towards senior officials in the ministries and cabinets mostly concerned with the preparation of the Council presidency. The aim of the awareness raising briefing sessions is to point out the important steps during the preparatory phase of a presidency.

Points +

This briefing has been developed and designed for decision makers in national administrations in preparing upcoming Council presidencies. The main objective is to facilitate preparations for the presidency. The aim is not to talk about procedural, administrative or political technicalities, but rather present the role, responsibility, tasks and sometimes choices of a presidency from different angles, notably from a planning and programming perspective by also touching on very concrete and operational steps like staffing, budget, calendar and events.

Pour qui ?

Key officials in managerial and decision-making functions in ministries, such as Secretaries General, Directors General, personnel managers, cabinet staff – i.e. decision-making level.

Connaissances préalables

This seminar is held in English. sufficient English proficiency is required.

Au programme

Topics covered in this session include: 

  • what is important to ensure a smooth preparation of a presidency 
  • advantages/disadvantages of a capital and/or a Brussels based Presidency 
  • selection of future chairs 
  • internal organization and communication in the run up to the presidency